Safe and Worry-Free Trading

Our clients’ online security is our top priority at Unifunds. You can be assured that all of your personal data and funds information will be safeguarded. All possible necessary measures have been taken to ensure your maximum protection so that you can fully dedicate your attention on trading with peace of mind.

The latest and most advanced encryption and security technologies are applied at our website and platform to protect your details and ensure that your private information stays private. We actively combat account fraud and keep an eye on suspicious activities through the implementation of strict compliance procedures.

Please secure your password to your trading account and refrain from sharing it with anyone, including family and friends, to avoid any undesirable incidents. Prevent unauthorised access to your account by regularly changing your password. This step is especially crucial if you use a shared or work computer and network which are vulnerable to hacks.

Let’s work together in ensuring the security of your private information and funds, with every single transaction performed with the highest security and protection.