Binary Options Trading

Binary Options is one of the easiest trading products in the financial market to learn and understand, which allows our Participants to make a profit simply by predicting the trend of a financial asset.


There are only two possible outcomes to choose from; the Call option (Up), which predicts that the price will rise, or the Put option (Down), which predicts that the price will drop. The simplicity of the trading model makes Binary Options more appealing compared to other traditional trading methods.

Short-Term Participation

Binary Options trading are relatively short-term and can range from minutes and hours to the end of the trading day, a month or even a year.


Traders are not limited to just one market with Binary Options as the financial products include currencies, commodities, stocks and indices. Also, all trading can be done online at your convenience.

Sense of Control

Binary Options allow traders a certain degree of control, from knowing the potential profit/loss ratio before performing the trade to the selection of the expiry times.

High Earning Potential

Even with minimal capital investment, trading binary options has very high earning potential.

Introduction to Binary Options

At Unifunds, we believe that in order to allow our traders to see their investments grow to their highest potential, they need to understand the products and how to invest in them.

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Why Binary Options?

With its simplicity and many advantages, binary option trading is gaining popularity among investors worldwide.

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History of Binary Options

While binary options trading has grown considerably popular in recent years, its concept has actually been around for quite a considerable time.

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How to Trade Binary Options

At Unifunds, we make binary options trading as simple and straightforward as possible. However, we believe our investors should know the steps in trading binary options.

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Examples of a Basic Binary Options Trade

Binary options trade is basically a simple question of yes or no. Will the price of a particular asset rise above the current value at a certain point in time?

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Advantages of Binary Options

The phenomenon called binary options has gained much popularity lately due to its overwhelming simplicity and profitability. Unifunds are seeing people everywhere taking up binary options trading.

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Assets in Binary Options

Binary options derive their financial value from underlying assets. Prior to investing in a binary option, make sure you understand the asset, and are familiar with the relevant financial markets.

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Types of Binary Options

Unifunds would like to point out that there are a number of differently structured binary options trades. While all the trades have the basic definition of binary in common, each differs from one another based on its elements..

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Straddle Strategy

All financial markets require knowledge, research and most importantly, strategies in order to achieve high gains in the long term. Just like for every other investment, a good trading strategy is critical to attain success and profit in binary options.

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Binary Options Strategies For Beginners

Even if you are new as a binary options trader, it is a good idea to use a binary options strategy for your trades so you can improve the accuracy of your trades.

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Unifunds Binary Options Trading Platform

Trading binary options with Unifunds is guaranteed to provide you with ease of mind, security and benefits with our advanced and secure trading platform.

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Binary Options Trading Risk Management

Unifunds wants our traders to succeed in every trade and we wish to help you control the risk element as effectively as possible when trading binary options.

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