Cost Per Lead Campaign

The latest in online advertising models, Cost Per Lead, or CPL, advertising campaigns can empower advertisers from all fields and industries to effectively generate online sales leads.

With a dynamic combination of keyword analysis, research and vast experience, we help you to achieve your marketing campaign’s goals and objectives.

Effective Advertising

A solid CPL advertising campaign can be a highly effective and scalable channel for businesses to acquire new customers. It not only targets highly potential consumers but also generate quality and genuine leads.

Successful Conversion

A cost-per-lead advertising campaign has a high success rate of capturing and converting online users into genuine clicks and qualified leads.


With our CPL campaign, business owners only pay for the leads that Unifunds generated from the chosen target market. Never worry about your budget again.


At Unifunds, our cost-per-lead advertising strategically connects your ads with online consumers who are specifically interested in your brand, products or services.

Increased Brand Awareness

Our CPL campaigns constantly analyse the digital space. With a wide global reach, we develop targeted and relevant ads to help expand and diversify your business.

Introduction to Cost-Per-Lead

Cost-Per-Lead is one of the top types of online advertising models, based on its return on investment for the advertiser.

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The History of Online Advertising

Online advertising is referred to by many other names, including but not limited to online marketing and Internet advertising. Its history may be short compared to other products and services, but is full of leaps and bounds in terms of technological advancement

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The Story of Cost-Per-Lead Advertising

In the past, businesses believed that generating leads was all about volume; the bigger your reach, the more potential customers a business will receive. Unfortunately, most businesses that approached advertising with this mentality lost a chunk of their marketing budget with little results to show for it.

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How Does Cost-Per-Lead Work

Cost-per-lead is one of the preferred methods of Internet marketing by many major companies for its ability to attain measurable results and tangible returns. There are usually two parties involved, which are the advertisers and publishers.

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Cost-Per-Lead Affiliate Networks

Advertisers need to locate quality and authentic publishers to place their ads whilepublishers looking to monetise their sites are also in search of trustworthy advertisers. This is where affiliate networking comes in.

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Calculating Cost-Per-Lead

It is important to understand just how effective your marketing efforts are and how much it is costing the company at each stage of the sales process. The calculation of cost-per-lead can be performed by the following a simple formula.

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What Should My Optimal Cost-Per-Lead Be?

Each business, even those in the same industry, would have a different optimal lead cost, and it is not always the case of 'a lower cost is better'.

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Examples of Cost-Per-Lead

To have a clearer picture of how the cost-per-lead advertising model, here are some examples of cost-per-lead in terms of the advertiser and the publisher.

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Difference Between Cost-Per-Lead And Other Online Advertising Models

There are many different types of online advertising and marketing pricing models aside from cost-per-lead.

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Benefits of Cost-Per-Lead

Many companies are adding cost-per-lead advertising campaigns into their marketing plans due to its numerous advantages over traditional advertising methods and other digital advertising models.

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