Our Philosophy

Integrity is paramount at Unifunds. We embrace the values of honesty, fairness, quality and efficiency as guiding principles in all that we do. We stand firm and resolute by our words in that we will listen, plan and provide the right solutions for your financial needs.

We are also highly focused and connected to the communities in which we work with. Through countless hours of service, both Unifunds and our Participants are mutually joining in the commitment to further the platform, opportunities and technologies around the globe.

Together, we are working hard to realise our vision to be the most valued financial solution provider and a foundation to build a self-sufficient livelihood.

Our Values

Listed below are some of our most important global policies that demonstrate our company values.

Our People

At Unifunds, we believe in mutual and reciprocal respect. Every single one of our Participants, partners, shareholders, associates and individuals performing for or on behalf of Unifunds, is highly regarded and is treated with utmost courtesy and dignity.


Unifunds opposes any and all form of corruption. We vigorously monitor ethical compliance not only in our business activities but also in the activities of those who represent us and who supply services and data in support of our business activities.

Social Responsibility and Sustainability

We believe that social responsibility and sustainability are important factors for the continued and long-term wellbeing of our company, our communities and the planet. Therefore, we commit to uphold constant quality and safety of all our services.