Types of Trading Assets
Know The Trading Assets

The Unifunds Binary Options trading platform makes hundreds of tradable assets like currencies, commodities, stocks and indices from all over the world available to our clients.


The largest financial market in the world, FOREX, is preferred by traders as currencies fluctuate constantly in relation to the economic, social and political occurrences. Currency trading are always in pairs, for example USD/JPY where the second currency is the amount that could be purchased by one unit of the first currency.


Commodities refer to physical goods like gold, silver,and oil. Following geopolitical events is the key to commodities trading as these events affect the price fluctuations of these assets. Keeping updated on these events give traders a better understanding of commodities which in turn help them make better predictions.


Stock can be explained as a company’s ownership share and represents a claim on the company’s assets and earnings. The shareholders profit when the company is doing well but the risks of shareholders are high as they stand to lose a great deal if the company faces turbulent times. Stock traders often choose Binary Options because of the pre-calculated risks that are fully known prior to a transaction.


Index options consist of a group of assets rather than a single asset, offering traders more stability and the freedom to diversify. Index operation trading requires the traders to foresee the overall direction of an underlying market, predicting its upwards or downwards movement from a base point.