Unifunds Philanthropy Activities

As a global company, we are not shaped by the technology we create and deliver, but most importantly, we are shaped by our communities. To fulfil our promise as a safe and sustainable funding solutions provider, we partner with organisations that focus on developing and improving financial sciences, trading platforms and technologies.

While our main charitable focus is on financial education, we contribute to the vibrancy and sustainability of our communities in other beneficial ways as well.

Education and Workforce Development

Representing more than 45% of our total charity work, we strive to prepare the youth as the world’s next generation of critical thinkers and problem solvers. Furthermore, we aim to aid individuals in increasing and developing their financial and technical talents.

Human Services

Encompassing approximately 20% of our total contribution, we support self-sufficiency programs, primarily through United Way or similar community organisations that help with basic needs and job skills to increase self-support and re-entry into the workforce.

Arts and Culture

About 10% is contributed to enriching people’s life by cultivating creativity and innovation. We support cultural organisations, courses and programs that broaden perspectives and produce a disciplined workforce that is prepared to solve complex issues.

Civic and Disaster Relief

At Unifunds, we provide 25% of our contributions to local authorities to help support communities that are affected by natural disasters, where our Participants, employees and business partners live and work.