What Are Binary Options

At Unifunds, we bring simplicity to trading, easing clients onto their path to financial success. We provide a platform for simple yet highly profitable trading – Binary Options.

Binary Options Simplified

In the constantly volatile economic climate, people are increasingly searching for alternative methods to achieve that seemingly elusive financial success. Fortunately, Binary Options present itself as an opportunity for traders to reclaim control over their own financial circumstances.

But, what exactly are Binary Options? It is a financial product that is rapidly growing in popularity, contrasting traditional trading methods with easy-to-understand procedures and immense flexibility. To begin a transaction, traders predict the possible outcomes of a financial asset, which could be anything from gold, oil to currency. The only possible outcomes of a financial asset are either up or down, hence “Binary”.

Binary Options are offered against a fixed expiration period, ranging from seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and even years depending on the trader’s choice. In a Binary Option transaction, the trader decides on the asset, its predicted outcome, expiration time and finally, the trading amount, giving him total control over the trade.

Profit and Loss in Binary Options

When a trader correctly predicts the outcome of an asset, he will receive the predetermined profit percentage of the trading amount. For example, if the trader selected a rate of 90%, he would gain a 90% profit of the deposited amount.

However, if the trader incorrectly predicts the outcome, he will lose only the initial capital amount. For example, if he deposited $100, his loss will also only be $100.

Binary Options makes a wide range of trading options accessible to the modern trader and promises a possibility of high payouts at low trading amounts. Traders are also given the option to use Bitcoin to top-up their trading account, making Binary Options trading even more convenient. These favourable attributes of Binary Options with pre-calculated profits and clearly disclosed risks make it the top choice for traders worldwide.

Advantages of Binary Options

Binary Options is one of the easiest trading products in the financial market to learn and understand. Its high earning potential and minimal capital allows our Participants to make a profit simply by predicting the trend of a financial asset. Below are some reasons why Binary Options is so popular among traders.


There are only two possible outcomes to choose from, the Call option (Up), which predicts that the price will rise, or the Put option (Down), which predicts that the price will drop. This extreme simplicity of Binary Options makes it very appealing.


Traders are not limited to just one market with Binary Options. They can access and trade financial products from around the world, including currencies, commodities, stocks and indices. Also, all Binary Options trading can be done online at your convenience.

Short-Term Participation

Binary Options trading are relatively short-term and can range from minutes and hours. However, traders can also opt for a more challenging and long-term Binary Options trading, ranging from one day, a month or even a year.

Sense of Control

Unlike traditional financial products, Binary Options allow traders a certain degree of control, from knowing the potential profit and loss ratio before performing a trade to the selection of the expiry times and payout rate.